City and Guilds 2365 Level 2  

Starting out as an Electrician? This is the pathway to excellence.

Who is this course for?

The City and Guilds 2365 Level 2 Electrical Installations diploma is designed for those wishing to pursue a career as an electrician. As a future electrician, this is your first step on your pathway to success, to become a qualified Electrician in the Domestic, Commercial or Industrial sectors.

This course is an alternative to being an apprentice and provides you with comprehensive training and education in the fundamentals of working as an electrician.

You do not need to have employment to undertake this course, but you do need a desire to learn and meet the requirements of attendance both in a virtual classroom and/or in the training facility.

What does the Level 2 Electrical Installations qualification cover?

This course is designed to ensure candidates learn, develop and practice the essential skills and knowledge to become an electrician. Safety is a big part of what you will learn, along with the fundamental principles of electrical installation, wiring systems and technology, among other subjects.

When you complete this course successfully, you will be able to immediately progress to the City and Guilds 2365 Level 3 Electrical Installations Diploma, ensuring your progression is rapid and that you can gain successful employment/job opportunities.

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What does the Level 2 Electrical Installations course consist of?

The course will last for 10 weeks on a part time basis both in a virtual classroom environment and through attendance at our Electrical Training Centre.

Your learning will be progressive and will take place with the most up to date tools, equipment, testing equipment in our dedicated electrical workshop environment.

There are 5 subject within the Level 2, as follows:;

  • Health and safety
  • Principles of Electrical science
  • Electrical Installations technology
  • Installation of wiring systems and enclosures
  • Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering.

About the 2365 Level 2 Qualification


Why do you need the Level 2 Electrical Installations qualification?

It allows candidates to progress into employment, as an Electrical Improver and onto the following City & Guilds qualifications, including:

    • Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures) 2365
    • Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations 2391-50
    • Level 3 Award in the Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations 2391-51