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Moving to the UK

The United Kingdom has larger-than-life personality. The fast-pace of the high streets, the nightlife, museums, art galleries, retail stores, restaurants and theatres are only half the fun.

Moving to the UK presents a host of opportunities! It’s easy to expand your career and travel and explore different countries when you’re in the United Kingdom.

It’s a big step moving to another country, and for many people the United Kingdom is a long way away. You may want to learn more about other people’s experiences.

moving to uk
Immigration & Visas

When applying for a UK visa, applicants should be careful to ensure that they have chosen the most correct category of visa applicable to them. Failure to do so can result in a visa being refused at the EC stage or cause complications at a later date if the applicant is trying to extend their stay or switch into another category of visa in the UK.

If you do not hold British Citizenship, you will need a Visa in order to work in the UK. Visit the UK Govt Website to find out which Visa you are eligible for.

Further information regarding Visa’s and getting to the UK will be made available to those who purchase the GBCT UK Start Up Packs.

National Insurance Number

Everyone working in the UK needs a national insurance (NI) number. It helps the government keep track of how much you’re paying in tax and contributions.

If you don’t have one then you’ll need to phone up and apply. However, if you’re already entitled to UK employment then you can start work without one and then give it to your employer once it arrives. Find out if that includes you here.

GB Construction Training will further give you advice around NI numbers prior to your move to the UK.


Opening a bank account in the UK is much easier now than ever before.

The two documents you will need are your proof of identity and your proof of address in the UK. The first part is easy with your passport, but the second part is a bit trickier for new arrivals.

You’ll need an official letter sent to your new address, such as one from a utility provider, council or another bank. Here’s a good tip – update your bank in your home country with your new address straight away, before you leave if possible, then get them to send a statement to your new home in the UK.

GB Construction Training will further give you advice around setting up a bank account prior to your move to the UK.

Jobs & Working in the UK

The opportunity for Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Canadians to experience a ‘working holiday’ in the United Kingdom is greatly sought after.

By taking up such an opportunity, you are allowing yourself to:

  • Extend personal experience and gain a broader horizon on life
  • Challenge yourself and gain personal life skills
  • Make friends, meet new people, experience another culture and new places
  • Gain new skills in your trade and expand your professional knowledge
  • Use your craft to go beyond usual career goals
  • Experience growth and development as a Tradesperson and as an individual

GB Construction Training are able to put your CV’s/resumes in front of our trusted partners, to ensure that employers see you first.

Key Facts You Should Know About Living in the UK

The UK boasts an excellent standard of living and if you are moving to the UK from a member of the European Union, you will find it easy to move here and find work. England is both one of the most densely populated countries in the world and one of the most multi-cultural. This ensures that wherever you are from you will have a rich experience and have the chance to meet people from all over the world.

  • Driving your car in some areas within the UK will incur a fee called the congestion charge. You pay the fee online or by telephone. Further details can be found in the city guides.
  • The UK has a national health service that provides healthcare to all UK residents free of charge. The system does, however, come under a great deal of criticism for its long wait lists and you may therefore wish to consider private healthcare.
  • The UK has plenty of National Parks, and locals know how to make use of them. Life in the UK includes a wide array of outdoor sports and leisure activities, e.g. hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, or kayaking. You can even go on a beach holiday. The British love their beach huts, and there are some stunning beaches on the south coast, particularly in the southwest.