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UK – Welders

UK – Welders

£216.67 excl VAT

Our ‘UK Start Up Pack for Welders’ is designed to prepare you quickly and efficiently for commencing work. Great Britain Construction Training are able to assist you in acquiring the necessary documents and accreditations required for you to work in the UK Construction Industry, as well as offering services that will provide a smooth transition to life in the UK.

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Make the Most of Your Working Holiday Experience & Get a Head Start Before Arriving in the United Kingdom with GB Construction Training Start Up Packs.

Our ‘UK Start Up Pack for Welders’ is designed to prepare you quickly and efficiently for commencing work. Great Britain Construction Training are able to assist you in acquiring the necessary documents and accreditations required for you to work in the UK Construction Industry, as well as offering services that will provide a smooth transition to life in the UK.

GB Construction Training will facilitate the required steps to prepare you for work and life in the UK, taking the stress and inconvenience out of these timely processes.

UK Start Up Packs Testimonials

If you have any learning difficulties, and require special assistance, please let us know prior to sitting the exam. Please provide any medical documentation verifying this as we can accommodate to your requirements to make sure you get the most out of the course.

What's Included

  1. ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test:

In order to work on any UK construction site, plumbers must demonstrate health and safety awareness. This is achieved through passing the ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test – a 45 minute, computer based, Plumbing or Gas Test consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. You will be provided with a Study Book to prepare you for the Test before you arrive. On your arrival in the UK we will schedule a test date convenient for you. The ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test is held at the Great Britain Construction Training Centre in Isleworth, London.

  1. Trade Recognition

Trade Qualifications obtained outside of the UK must be recognised as an overseas qualification – and its comparable level in the UK identified. Based on the Trade Recognition granted, the appropriate Trade qualification card will be applied for by GB Construction Training on your behalf.

  1. Engineering Services SKILLcard Registration

Engineering Services SKILLcard is the industry recognised scheme for the registration of personnel working in the building services engineering sector throughout the UK. Engineering Services SKILLcard registers the skills and competence of people working in the mechanical services sector. Engineering Services issue you with a Card (licence) to show the level of grading you have achieved within your occupation, taking into account all the qualifications you have gained. An application form will need to be completed and your qualifications submitted (ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test pass result/Statement of Comparability) along with employer references, to Engineering Services to be assessed. You will then be issued with a Blue SKILLcard stating your qualifications. We will act as your sponsor, organise and submit your SKILLcard Application.


GB Construction Training Info Pack

Are you arriving in the UK and need help getting started? We will assist you, by providing the following:

  • A UK informative guide
  • Information on opening a UK bank account
  • National Insurance (NI) Number Assistance
  • Oyster Card:

The public transport system in London is very well connected. We will provide you with an Oyster Card with £10 credit so you can start using it as soon as you arrive. The Oyster Card can be used on Buses, Tube (Underground), Trams, DLR, and some National Rail services in London.

An Oyster Card uses credit when you need it and doesn’t expire, and ensures you are always charged the cheapest fare.

  • And much much more!


Preparing for Work

  1. Registration with GB Construction Training

A one on one interview is available upon your arrival in the UK to register your details with GB Construction Training and finalise any requirements to get you on site.

  1. Self-Employment, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and Unique Tax Reference (UTR)

To work in the UK Construction Industry you will need to register as self-employed as you will be working as a subcontractor. You will also need to register within the CIS. This allows you to work in the Industry at the standard tax rate of 20%. If you do not register you will be taxed at the higher rate of 30%. Once you have registered within the CIS you will receive a UTR. This number is used to verify you in the Construction Industry.

You must have a NI Number to register within the CIS.

We will assist and advise you on the necessary steps that must be taken to address all of these requirements.

  1. Tools

A range of tools are required when working on construction sites in the UK. We have teamed up with a local wholesaler, that are able to offer you tools at an affordable price. It is advisable to bring your hand tools and cordless drill over with you and purchase any additional tools once you are here.

Booking & Advice

The assessments contained in the UK Start Up Packs are run weekly at our London training centre.

If you are submitting documents to GB Construction Training, please make sure that they are in PDF or Word Document formats only.

You must bring one form of photographic ID in good condition.

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid UK Driver’s Licence (not foreign drivers’ licence)

As soon as you receive your National Insurance Number, please supply it to GB Construction Training. Without an NI Number it will prevent your card application/s being submitted/sent.

What to Bring with you to the UK
  • Plenty of warm clothing; even when arriving in summer, the UK has been known for its wetter weather!
  • An United Kingdom electrical adapter (Type G)
  • Personal medication prescribed by your doctor
  • Originals and copies of:
    1. Passport
    2. Travel insurance documents
    3. International Drivers licence
    4. Academic records (if necessary)

Assessment Location

We currently have one training location for your convenience:

Unit 10 Isleworth Business Complex,
St John’s Road
Isleworth London
+44 (0) 20 8847 3718

Using the Underground:

Take the Picadilly Line, Westbound towards Heathrow, disembark at Hounslow East, Walk towards the Hounslow Bus Station bus stop G and catch either H37 (Towards Richmond) or 117 (Towards West Middlesex Hospital), get off at bus stop AA St. John the Baptist.

Take the District Line, Westbound towards Richmond, disembark at Richmond Station, Walk towards the Bus Stop D and catch the H37 (Towards Hounslow), get off at bus stop BB Grainger Road.

Using the Main Line:

South West Trains from Waterloo; Trains heading towards Hounslow, Weybridge and Addleston all trains must be VIA Brentford (Usually Platforms 16,17,18). Disembark at Isleworth Train Station, and walk down St.Johns Road towards the centre.

Catching the Bus:

Buses close to the centre are the H37 (Hounslow-Richmond) and 117 (Staines- West Middlesex Hospital) At Bus Stop AA and BB.

Buses near by are; 237 (White City (London Westfield) – Hounslow Heath), E8 (Ealing Broadway – Hounslow Bells corner) and 235 (North Brentford Quarter – Sunbury Village), At Bus Stop F (Isleworth Train Station).

267 (Hammersmith to Fulwell) At Bus Stop TH (Isleworth War Memorial).

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