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18th Edition comes into force soon – Don’ miss out

The new 18th Edition comes into force for all new jobs from the 01 January 2020. IT is crucial that all existing 17th edition holders, or new entrants to the trade, have the latest edition from this date.

“New Jobs Designed after 31st December 2018 to comply with BS 7671:2018
For all registered businesses, designing any new installations after 1
st January 2019, your projects will need to be certified using 18th Edition Certificates” – NICEIC

Whilst the 18th Edition has been out for some time, many people are leaving it to the last minute to have their skills updated to the new standards.

Great Britain Construction Training has decided to provide three distinct pathways to achieving the 18th Edition as follows:

  1. Self-Paced – existing workers can use their own resources to bring themselves up to speed on the latest standards. It is necessary to buy the new 18th Edition Regulation Book, either direct with NICEIC or through Amazon. Once they are ready, they simply Book and Exam with Great Britain Construction Training for any day of the week. Exams are running continuously.
  2. Online Learning – candidates can simply go through the online learning modules provided by Great Britain Construction Training in their own time and from anywhere. The online learning platform has everything a candidate needs to go through to the exam, including practice tests, audio, video and more. The 18th Edition Regulation will need to be purchased separately. When the candidate is ready to do the exam, they simply book in through the centre. Exams are running every day of the week.
  3. Classroom Based – Undertake training in the classroom for the 18th Not everyone is suitable for online learning and as such this option is great for those that need to talk through the wiring standards. The classroom-based course includes the exam.

Now is the time to consider your position. If you have existing staff or work in the industry yourself, you now need to consider your training and professional development. Great Britain Construction Training is here to help you through these strategies.

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