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Registration and Licensing

New Zealand's Calling all Electricians!

Great Britain Construction Training will assist you in gaining the NZ Electrical Registration and Licence, as well as preparing you for work in New Zealand before you leave the UK. We facilitate the required steps taking the stress and inconvenience out of this timely process, avoiding you weeks of potential complications.

New Zealand is looking for Electricians who are New Zealand Registered and licenced, which for many overseas candidates used to be difficult to obtain while living outside of New Zealand - but not any more! Here’s how you can take the fast track to work in New Zealand!

Qualified Electricians are now able to attend the New Zealand Electrical Licensing Programme in London that will enable them to become EWRB registered in line with NZ requirements prior to moving out there, with job offers available in NZ if they are successful in passing the course.

The EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board) was established in 1992 to promote safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical and electronic workers. The Board consists of seven members from around New Zealand, representing both trade and the public. Five members are registered electrical workers and two are lay members. All are appointed by the Minister for Building and Construction. Professional and administrative support for the Board is provided by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

Exclusively for Great Britain Construction Training graduates, our trusted business partners are able to have job offers available, from smaller businesses to larger blue chip companies, they make life easier when you arrive. This can all be taken care of before you leave the UK.

Enrol Now to become a New Zealand Registered
& Licenced Electrician!

Check out our testimonials page to see videos of people who have already completed or are in the process of completing the assessment.

James talks about the lengthy DIY process of getting registered as a New Zealand electrician after he left the UK. This process took him around a year and a half all up! With Great Britain Construction Training it takes only six weeks and you're site ready by the time you get to NZ and you can step into work almost immediately with our help.

Understanding the pathways and process for licensing for New Zealand can be challenging so please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance with licensing questions.


  • Have a minimum of 4 years work experience within which they have obtained the skills in paragraph 1(2) of Clause 1 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997.
  • Pass the 3rd stage theory examination in the subject matter detailed in paragraph (a) of Clause 2 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997.
  • Pass a regulations examination in the subject matter detailed in paragraph (b) of Clause 2 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997.
  • Complete the safety instruction requirements of Clause 3 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997
Stephen and Michael work on their installations during the New Zealand Electrical Licensing Programme

What's Included?

  • GBCT will help each candidate with filling out an application to the EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board)
  • AS/NZS regulations and student workbooks
  • Access to online learning system
  • 8 Day face to face assessment block
  • EWRB written exams
  • EWRB Practical

The New Zealand Electrical Licensing Programme covers the following modules:

  • Electrical Safe Working Practice and Risk Assessment - New Zealand Context
  • Multiple Earth Neutral System and New Zealand Wiring Standards - New Zealand Context
  • Electrical Testing and Verification - New Zealand Context
  • Electricity Act
  • Electrical Safety Regulations
  • ECP 34 Safe Working Distances
  • AS/NZS 3760:2010
  • AS/NZS 3003:2011

NZ Electrical Licensing and Registration Programme Dates & Cost

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  • Course Code: November 2018 22-29

By purchasing this product you agree to the following:

  • All course dates are final (unless GB Construction Training specify an amendment with notice to student).
  • Student can not change their course dates.
  • Assessment dates are confirmed upon purchase.

Guide and Bookings

The required steps:

  1. Book your assessment.
  2. GBCT will assist in your EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board) application.
  3. EWRB sends you a covering letter.
  4. GBCT will send you copies of AS/NZS regulation and student workbooks.
  5. You will be given access to GBCT's online learning platform for the regulations programme.
  6. Complete online course.
  7. You will be sent a practice registration exam in fixed 3 hour slots.
  8. Practice exam is sent away to mark.
  9. You successfully complete practice exam. If you are unsuccessful then you will complete more study to achieve.
  10. You are then ready to start the 8 day face-to-face assessment block.
If you have any learning difficulties, and require special assistance, please let us know prior to receiving any of the learning material and exam. Please provide any medical documentation verifying this as we can accommodate to your requirements to make sure you get the most out of the course.

Enrol Now to become a New Zealand Registered
& Licenced Electrician!

Assessment Location

Where Can I Take The Exam/Assessment?

We currently have one training location for your convenience:

Unit 10 Isleworth Business Complex,
St John's Road
Isleworth London
+44 (0) 20 8847 3718

Using the Underground:

Take the Picadilly Line, Westbound towards Heathrow, disembark at Hounslow East, Walk towards the Hounslow Bus Station bus stop G and catch either H37 (Towards Richmond) or 117 (Towards West Middlesex Hospital), get off at bus stop AA St. John the Baptist.

Take the District Line, Westbound towards Richmond, disembark at Richmond Station, Walk towards the Bus Stop D and catch the H37 (Towards Hounslow), get off at bus stop BB Grainger Road.

Using the Main Line:

South West Trains from Waterloo; Trains heading towards Hounslow, Weybridge and Addleston all trains must be VIA Brentford (Usually Platforms 16,17,18). Disembark at Isleworth Train Station, and walk down St.Johns Road towards the centre.

Catching the Bus:

Buses close to the centre are the H37 (Hounslow-Richmond) and 117 (Staines- West Middlesex Hospital) At Bus Stop AA and BB.

Buses near by are; 237 (White City (London Westfield) – Hounslow Heath), E8 (Ealing Broadway – Hounslow Bells corner) and 235 (North Brentford Quarter – Sunbury Village), At Bus Stop F (Isleworth Train Station).

267 (Hammersmith to Fulwell) At Bus Stop TH (Isleworth War Memorial).

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