Get me to Australia - Offshore Technical
Skills Record (OTSR)

The Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) is a one day assessment taking Tradespeople (from nominated countries) through a process that recognises their skills and allows them to apply for a Visa for Australia.

To live and work in Australia, you'll need to have your existing skills assessed by an approved authority as part of your visa application. The skills assessment is based on formal and structural recognition of prior learning.

Note: This program is for applicants who are required to have a skills assessment to apply for a visa. There is also an optional skills assessments – This program is available to assist applicants who wish to access occupational licensing. Information about optional skills assessments to access occupational licensing is available on the Optional skills assessments page on the TRA website.

Licensed Occupations in Australia include:

  • Electrician (General)
  • Electrician (Special Class)
  • Plumber (General)

Applicants must fill in prior to applying to conduct the OTSR

Understanding the pathways and process for licensing for Australia can be very challenging so please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance with licensing questions.

Dates & Cost


London, United Kingdom

Dates to be confirmed


London, United Kingdom

Dates: To be confirmed

Non-Licensed Trades

Dates: To be confirmed

As the numbers for the practical assessment are limited, bookings are essential. All bookings are subject to availability.

For further information please email us on Please include your application number if you are able, or alternatively use our contact form to contact us directly.

Applicants who successfully complete a skills assessment for a licensed trade receive an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR), which can be used for licensing purposes.

For information regarding the assessment process please refer to the pathway finder page on the TRA website.

Assessment Location

Where Can I Take The Exam/Assessment?

We currently have one training location for your convenience:

Unit 10 Isleworth Business Complex,
St John's Road
Isleworth London
+44 (0) 20 8847 3718

Using the Underground:

Take the Picadilly Line, Westbound towards Heathrow, disembark at Hounslow East, Walk towards the Hounslow Bus Station bus stop G and catch either H37 (Towards Richmond) or 117 (Towards West Middlesex Hospital), get off at bus stop AA St. John the Baptist.

Take the District Line, Westbound towards Richmond, disembark at Richmond Station, Walk towards the Bus Stop D and catch the H37 (Towards Hounslow), get off at bus stop BB Grainger Road.

Using the Main Line:

South West Trains from Waterloo; Trains heading towards Hounslow, Weybridge and Addleston all trains must be VIA Brentford (Usually Platforms 16,17,18). Disembark at Isleworth Train Station, and walk down St.Johns Road towards the centre.

Catching the Bus:

Buses close to the centre are the H37 (Hounslow-Richmond) and 117 (Staines- West Middlesex Hospital) At Bus Stop AA and BB.

Buses near by are; 237 (White City (London Westfield) – Hounslow Heath), E8 (Ealing Broadway – Hounslow Bells corner) and 235 (North Brentford Quarter – Sunbury Village), At Bus Stop F (Isleworth Train Station).

267 (Hammersmith to Fulwell) At Bus Stop TH (Isleworth War Memorial).

Full List of Assessments

1 Day Assessment

Licensed Occupations
  • Electrician (General) (ANZSCO Code 341111)
  • Electrician (Special Class) (ANZSCO Code 341112)
  • Plumber (General) (ANZSCO Code 334111)

Skype Assessment

Construction Occupations
  • Bricklayer (ANZSCO Code 331111)
  • Cabinetmaker (ANZSCO Code 394111)
  • Carpenter (ANZSCO Code 331212)
  • Carpenter and Joiner (ANZSCO Code 331211)
  • Joiner (ANZSCO Code 331213)

Skype Assessment

Metal Trades Occupations
  • Fitter (General) (ANZSCO Code 323211)
  • Fitter and Turner (ANZSCO Code 323212)
  • Fitter – Welder (ANZSCO Code 323213)
  • Metal Fabricator (ANZSCO Code 322311)
  • Metal Fitter and Machinist NEC (ANZSCO Code 323299)
  • Metal Machinist (First Class) (ANZSCO Code 323214)
  • Pressure Welder (ANZSCO Code 322312)
  • Sheetmetal Trades Worker (ANZSCO Code 322211)
  • Toolmaker (ANZSCO Code 343412)
  • Welder – First Class (ANZSCO Code 322313).

Skype Assessment

Hairdressing Occupations
  • Hairdresser (ANZSCO Code 391111)

Skype Assessment

Hospitality Occupations
  • Chef (ANZSCO Code 351311)
  • Cook (ANZSCO Code 351411)
  • Pastrycook (ANZSCO Code 351112)
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